Herbs and Spices

Ranging from 25 to 250 grams.

Prices vary on weight. Please inquire.



Agrimony Leaf Herb


Alfalfa Leaves


Alfalfa Mint


Alfalfa Powder


Alfalfa Seeds


Aloes Cape Powder


Angelica (Don Quai Root)


Anise Seeds


Arnica Flower Herb


Artichoke Leaf


Astragulus Root Cuts


Barberry Bark Herb


Basil Leaves


Bayberry Bark Herb


Beet Root Powder


Birch Leaf Herb


Blackberry Leaves


Black Cohosh Herb


Black Current Leaves


Black Walnut Leaves


Bladderwrack Herb


Blessed Thistle


Blood Root Powder


Blueberry Leaves


Blue Cohosh Herb


Blue Vervain


Boldo Leaves




Borage Leaves


Buchu Leaves


Buckhorn Bark


Burdock Root Powder


Butcher's Broom


Calamus Root


Camomile Flowers


Cardamon Seeds (whole)


Caraway Seeds (whole)


Cascara Sagrada


Cat's Claw Herb


Car's Claw Bark


Catnip Herb


Celery Seeds


Celandine (greater)


Centaury Herb


Cherry Stem


Wild Cherry Bark


Raw Chicory


Chickweed Herb




Whole Cloves




Coltsfoot Herb


Comfry Leaves


Comfry Root


Coriander Seeds




Couchgrass (Doggrass)


Cowslip Flowers




Whole Cumin Seeds




Dandelion Leaves


Dandelion Root


Devil's Claw Root


Dill Weed


Dulse Powder


Iceland Moss


Irish Moss


Juniper Berries


Kelp Powder


Knot Grass


Lady's Mantle


Lavender Flower


Lemon Balm


Lemon Grass


Lemon Verbana


Licorice Root


Licorice Sticks


Licorice Cuts


Licorice Powder


Lilly of the Valley


Linden Flower




Lovage Root


Lungwort Leaves


Maca Powder


Malva Flower


Mandrake Root


Marigold Flower


Marjoram (rubbed)


Marjoram Leaf Flakes


Marshmallow Root


Milk Thistle Leaves


Milk Thistle Seeds


Mint Leaves


Mint Flakes




Motherwort Leaf


Mugwort Leaf


Mullen Leaf


Myrrh Gum


Nettle Leaves


Nettle Root


Oregano Leaves


Orris Root Herv


Wild Pansy Herb


Papaya Leaves


Parsley Flakes


Passion Flower


Pau D'arco


Penny Royal


Peppermint Leaves




Plantain Leaves


Pleurisy Root


Poke Root


Primrose Flower (Cowslip)


Raspberry Leaves


Red Clover Tops



Rhubarb Root


Rosehip Flakes


Rosehips Whole


Rosemary Leaves


Rue Leaves


Saffron Flower


Sage Leaves




Sarsaparilla Root




Saw Palmetto Berries


Saw Palmetto Powder


Scullcap Herb


Senna Leaves


Senna Pods


Sheep Sorrel Herv


Sheppard's Purse


Slippery Elm Bark


Slippery Elm Powder


Small Willow Flower


Spearmint Leaf


Speedwell Leaf


Squawvine Leaf


St. John's Wort


Strawberry Leaves


Thyme (rubbed)


Uva Ursi


Valerian Root


Violet Leaves


Vitex Chaste Berry


White Oak Bark


Wild Cherry Bark


Wild Yam Root


Willow Bark


Witch Hazel


Wintergreen Leaf


Wood Betony


Woodruff Leaf




Yarrow Flower


Yellow Dock Root


Yerba Mate


Yerba Sante


Yucca Powder






Cayenne Pepper


Cinnamon Powder


Cinnamon Sticks


Garlic Minced


Ground Ginger


Ginger Root


Brown Mustard Seeds


Yellow Mustard Seeds


Nutmeg Powder


Spanish Paprika


Savory Herb Seasoning


Turmeric Powder



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