My Name is Violina Daskalova. I am the proud owner of Living Healthy. At our store, it isn't just about selling a product. We are a small community store that focuses on quality over quantity.


We try to educate people through our conversations and it gives us the ultimate pleasure when a customer returns to tell us about the positive changes in their lives.


Living healthy is exactly what it sounds like, a choice and decision you make that becomes your way of life. My name is Daniel Sartori, and as a holistic nutritionist I have naturally chosen this lifestyle. I am very passionate about everything in my field of work and I love helping people better their health. I have a wide range of expertise and I frequently deal with people that are concerned with sports nutrition, joint health, cardiovascular health, stress, and digestion/absorption issues. I find the body to be very interesting and I have always liked helping people. Good health should be a top priority because without it, nothing else matters.

My name is Martina Daskalova, I am part of the family business at Living Healthy. Growing up in an environment that was centred on eating and living healthy has allowed to me come to appreciate natural remedies and this lifestyle overall. I am a firm believer in healthy eating habits and frequent exercise. I believe that this is beneficial for everyone and I love to share my thoughts with others who also have this passion. Thus, my favourite part about working at Living Healthy is meeting new people that can share their stories. I love to help people!

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